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My Story

Black Magic Woman

A mixed-media painting with personality with a statement. "Believe in the Magic" is painted on the front of the painting to inspire to do it..make it magical..make it yours!. She is a delight with her intense eyes and up-do.

She is painted on 24" X 36" gallery wrapped canvas and ready to hang


You are Capable of amazing things!" these are the words placed on this painting to encourage you to carry on and KNOW are truly amazing. You can do whatever you put your mind to. You are full of amazing things....let them show, whatever they may be!

Amazing is painted on a 24" X 24" gallery wrapped canvas and ready to hang. She is mixed-media and her glasses indicate how everything is better through a clear lens - no rose colored glasses for her.

Girl on Fire

This painting was inspired by Alicia Keys' song "Girl on Fire". The image speaks for itself. She is a fiery, self confident, and ready to make her statement! Just try to stop her. She is a mixed media piece with a glitz of glamour. (Yes, her earrings are real!) 
She is on  24" X 36" gallery wrapped canvas, ready to hang.

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